Pope John VIII - Johannes Anglicus - Popess Joan


The chronicler Martinus Polonius (aka Martin von Troppau or Martin of Opava) reported in the second half of the 13th Century an extraordinary episode that once took place in teh Roman Catholic Church:

John Anglicus, born at Mainz, was Pope for two years, seven months and four days, and died in Rome, after which there was a vacancy in the Papacy of one month. It is claimed that this John was a woman

Nor is she placed on the list of the Holy Pontiffs, both because of her female sex and on account of the foulness of the matter. (1)


There are considerable uncertainties regarding the pontificates between 850 und 885:
Who were the popes?
How long did their pontificates last?
Why are there conflicting statements?
Research shows that documents have been manipulated in this context.

Questions and Answers

Are the stories of a female pope only "Fake News of the Middle Ages"?
Or is there a clever falsification of history to cover up an unwanted pontificate of a woman?
Are there even fears of unwanted consequences?

This website tries to answer the most important questions.
It presents facts and information.
Form your own opinion!


(1) Translation from the Latin original, taken from wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Joan

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