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This page lists publications that contain information on the question under discussion.
These are on the one hand printed publications generally accessible, on the other hand old manuscripts. In the meantime many of them have been digitised and can therefore also be viewed.

More articles on the subject that have been published in Media are listed separately.

Printed Publications

Legendary theory proponents

Blondel, David. 1657. De Joanna Papissa. Amsterdam.

Von Döllinger, Ignaz. 1863. Die Papst-Fabeln Des Mittelalters. Mün: Gothaische Buchhandlung. Digitised version

Kerner, Max, und Klaus Hebers. 2010. Die Päpstin Johanna. Biographie Einer Legende. Köln, Weimar, Wien: Böhlau Verlag.

Proponents of the theory that Popess Joan was a real person

Päpstin Johanna. Chronicle of Hartmann Schedel
Popess Joan
Chronicle of Hartmann Schedel
Spanheim, Friedrich. 1725. Merckwürdige Historie Der Päbstin Johanna. Aus d. Herrn von Spanheim Latein. Diss. von d. Herrn Lenfant Gezogen, u. von Demselben Nebst Verschiedenen Anmerkungen Des Herrn Des Vignoles in Frantzösischer Sprache. Digitised version

Spanheim, Friedrich. 1736. Histoire de La Papesse Jeanne. Troisième. Den Haag. Digitalised version.

Morris, Joan. 1985. Pope John VIII, an English Woman, Alias Pope Joan. London.
The book appeared 1985 in a small private edition and is rare to find. Only a few have the chance to read it.
Longer Summary of the contents with the most important quotations in the English edition of Popess Johanna:
Habicht, Michael E., and Marguerite Spycher. 2018. Pope Joan [2nd Ed.]: The Covered-up Pontificate of a Woman or a Fictional Legend? 2nd ed. Berlin: epubli. Amazon.

Gössmann, Elisabeth. 1994. Mulier papa, der Skandal eines weiblichen Papstes. Zur Rezeptionsgeschichte der Gestalt der Päpstin Johanna. Iudicium-Verlag, München.
Very important book with excellent source texts and information. Less suitable as a book for beginners, you have to be familiar with the topic before you can understand this scientific work.

Ratto, Pietro. 2004. La pagine strappate [The pulled out pages].
The book is currently only available in Italian. It describes the manipulations of the pontificate dates in the course of the Counter-Reformation. Summary in Italian

Ratto, Pietro. Enlarged Edition 2019. Le pagine strappate. I trucchi della Chiesa rinascimentale per rimuovere la vicenda storica della Papessa Giovanna
[New subtitle: The tricks of the Renaissance Church to remove the historical story of Pope Joan].

Stanford, Peter. 2009. The She Pope: A Quest for the Truth Behind The Mystery of Pope Joan Published in London by Heinemann in April 1998 and in New York as The Legend of Pope Joan by Henry Holt in October 1998
The book is easily available in different languages and editions. It is the ideal book to get into the topic of Popess Johanna.

Habicht, Michael E. 2018. Pope Jaon. The covered-up pontificate of a woman or a fictional legend? 1st ed. Berlin: epubli. Bestellungen.

Habicht, Michael E. 2018. The Coins of the Popess. Summary in Englisch.

Habicht, Michael E., and Ratto Pietro. 2018. Le Monete Della Papessa. Summary in Italian.

Digitised Manuscripts

Direct Links to Important Manuscripts

Liber Pontificalis: Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France: Paris, Lat 5140
Figures: Stanford 2009, Fig. 10; / Kerner and Hebers 2010, 47. Fig. 19a & b; / Habicht 2018, fig. 46 and 47
Digitised version. Link checked 6. January 2019

Martin von Troppau, Chronicon pontificum et imperatorum (1277)
Article in Year field 850
Digitised verson
Link checked 6. January 2019

Papst-Kaiser Rotulus von 1432
Permanent Link with Pope John from Mainz
Link checked 6. January 2019

Jans von Wien(1420) also Jan Enikel
Digitised version 1
Digitised version 2
Link checked 6. January 2019

Conrad Botho (1489) Chronicon Brunsvicensium Picturatum Dialecto Saxonica Conscriptum. Page 299.
Digitised version
Link checked 17. October 2020

Bartolomeo Platina (German version of 1604) Päbstliche Chronica B. Platinae. Das ist, Historische Beschreibung aller vnnd jeder Päbste, so von S. Petro an, biß vff den itztregierenden Pabst Clem. VIII. den Stul zu Rom besessen. (1604) Pages 191–196.
Link checked 6. January 2019

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abc primetime: The Mystery of Pope Joan
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