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  • Statue Popess? Detail
    Pope Joan. A covered-up pontificate of a woman
    The legend has it, tha once a woman was on the Holy Seat. See but it is only a legend!

    Pagan Dawn

  • Tutto un'altra storia
    In Contro-Storia: The coins of the Popess
    Michael Habicht

    I would like to present the article in a somewhat unusual way, instead of describing the method that finally produced the result, I will present the generally accepted methods of history and archaeology first and then apply them to material many readers will not yet have heard off.

    In Contro-Storia

  • Statue of the Popess? Detail
    Why the Legend of Medieval Pope Joan Persists
    The mythical female pope is back in the news as an academic uses medieval coins to look for physical evidence of her reign

    Introduction: In the late Middle Ages, a popular legend advanced the story of a medieval woman who disguised herself in men’s clothing and ascended to the role of pope. A dramatic ending to the tale ensured its endurance: As the woman, masquerading as Pope Johannes Anglicus, led a religious procession through Rome during the mid-ninth century, she allegedly went into labor, exposing the fact that “Johannes” was actually “Joan.”

    Smithsonian.com Smartnews 19. September 2018

  • Monogram Johannes Anglicus
    La Papessa Giovanna potrebbe non essere una leggenda: lo provano alcune antiche monete

    Translated title: Popess Johanna could not be a legend: some old coins prove this
    Introduction text: According to medieval legends, there was one woman among the various popes who followed each other in the years around 800. Not that the church had a different opinion about women 1,200 years ago. It was not a temporary feminist opening.
    In fact, the story tells of a woman of English origin who, in order to climb the hierarchies of ecclesiastical power, decided to use an old trick: to dress up as a man. A fantasy invented by those who wanted to make fun of the papal system?
    It might be. But now Michael Habicht, archaeologist at Flinders University in Adelaide, Autralia, has found evidence of his existence: These are antique coins bearing the monogram and testifying to their existence.
    (Translation www.DeepL.com/Translator)

    Businessinsider Italia (2018) In Italian

  • Popess Joan at Boccaccio
    Researchers Find Physical Evidence for the Existence of a Female Pope

    Researchers from an Australian University have announced in a press release a major discovery in relation to the existence of a female Pope in the early Middle Ages. For a long while, experts, believed that the existence of a ‘Popess’ was a myth. However, experts now claim that there are coins that demonstrate that there was an actual female Pope. The figure of ‘Popess Joan’ has become an icon for feminism and a hope for gender equality. Whether this figure was ever real or is pure legend is thus relevant and important in today’s world. This finding could have immense importance as not only will it confirm a twist in the history of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages but also has implications for the future development of the largest Christian denomination in the world.
    Ancient Origins (2018)

  • Popess Joan in an illustrated book of G. Boccaccio
    Legends of a Medieval Female Pope May Tell the Truth

    Medieval legends claim that Pope Joan was the first and only female pope. And now, an analysis of ancient silver coins suggests that the ordained woman may have actually lived.

    Life Science (2018)

  • Monogramm von Johannes Anglicus auf einer Münze
    Wasn't there Pope Joan?

    Since the Middle Ages there have been rumours about a woman who was elected Popess in the middle of the ninth century. But whether this Popess named "Johannes Anglicus" actually existed is hotly disputed. Now a researcher has found new evidence for the pontificate of this woman. Among them are coins from that time that bear her signature, but also references in contemporary documents.

    wissenschaft.de (2018) (In German)

  • Illustration in a book of Boccaccio
    Pope Joan: The Female Pope whose Real Gender was Revealed after she Gave Birth in a Procession

    The origins of the Papacy can be traced to St. Peter, one of the original disciples of Jesus. The current pope, Francis I, is the 265 th successor of St. Peter. Needless to say, all 266 popes are male.
    Yet, during the middle ages, there existed a story about a pope who was actually a female in disguise. The name of this supposed female pope was Joan.
    Who was this mysterious Pope Joan, and did she really exist?

    Ancient Origins (2015)

  • Pope Joan at Boccaccio
    Papieżyca Joanna - wstydliwy sekret Watykanu

    Title of the polish Article: Pope Joan, the shameful mystery of the Vatican.
    Introduction: In the year 858 Pope John VIII, known as the English (Ioannes Anglicus), suffered a sudden pain during a procession between St. Peter's Church and the Lateran Basilica and fell to the ground while trying to get on a horse. The assembled crowd of believers could not believe their own eyes when John began the birth. At first, the surprised people were sure that they were experiencing a real miracle. Only after a while did they realize that God had nothing to do with this event. It turned out that Pope John VIII was a woman....
    (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator)
    Artikel in polnischer Sprache (2013)

  • Pope Joan in the chronicle of Schedel
    La Papisa, Juana de Ingelheim

    Translated title: The Popess, Joan of Ingelheim
    Introduction text: Many figures from the past have moved in turbulent waters, halfway between historical reality and legend. Characters who have sparked extensive and heated debates about their true existence. One of these names is Joan of Ingelheim, a woman who would have lived much of her life as a man and ended up sitting on nothing less than the chair of St. Peter. Many people know the name Pope Joan, a woman some say was a simple propaganda invention created by critics of the Roman Church, while others insist on finding truthful data about her true existence.
    (Translation: www.DeepL.com/Translator)

    Mujeres en la historia (2012). In Spanisch
  • Statue Detail
    Popess Joan- a woman as a Pope?

    Popess Johanna, Johannes Anglicus, a fictitious figure or a historical person. Probably one of the interesting aspects in history that will never be fully clarified.
    Catholic theologians deny that there ever was a female Pope. The legend of Popess Joan nevertheless asserted itself over the centuries. Even the Church is said to have recognized her pontificate as a historical fact until the beginning of the 17th century, thus giving faith to the legends that emerged from the 13th century onwards. After the 17th century the Pope is officially but no longer mentioned in church sources. In the Cathedral of Siena, her portrait, marked "John VII, femina ex Anglia" (John VII, wife and Englishwoman), is said to appear in a series of papal busts.

    Annabell (unknown wich year)